Green Worcester ElectriCITY Aggregation Program: New Contract & What You Can Expect

Did you know that the City of Worcester recently negotiated down the price of most city residents’ electricity costs? Starting with December’s meter reads, residents enrolled in the City’s Green Worcester ElectriCITY aggregation program will see a reduction in their costs of electricity supply portion of their bills. 

But what is the Green Worcester ElectriCITY Aggregation Program? 

The Green Worcester ElectriCITY Aggregation Program is a program that provides residents and businesses with affordable and sustainable electricity options. Electricity aggregation is a collective approach adopted by many municipalities in Massachusetts to purchase electricity on behalf of their residents and businesses. By pooling the energy needs of the community, aggregation enables negotiators to secure favorable rates and terms for electricity supply. This collaborative purchasing power also empowers the community to access competitively priced electricity from renewable energy sources which lowers the City’s greenhouse gas emissions and overall contribution to climate change. 

Non-Aggregation System

Aggregation Program System:

The best part of the ElectriCITY Program is its simplicity. All Worcester electric customers are automatically enrolled in the basic plan and are guaranteed the lowest price available. Since the program’s launch in 2020, Green Worcester ElectriCITY has saved participants more than $12 million. Customers can also opt up to receive 100% of their electricity from green sources. Participants in both the Standard Green and opt-up 100% Green options buy more electricity generated from renewable sources than is required by law. The ElectriCITY program has helped prevent more than 155 million pounds of CO2 emissions! This is equivalent to the emissions associated with driving 15,645 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles for a year. Take a look at the December 2023 - December 2025 guaranteed plan price breakdown:

Why is municipal aggregation important? Why should I opt-up?

Our aggregation program is vital for reducing our reliance on fossil fuels like natural gas and oil. By wielding collective bargaining power, municipalities can negotiate with electricity suppliers to meet community demand for sustainable energy like solar and wind. This enables municipalities to purchase from independent renewable suppliers while challenging larger utilities to expand their renewable generation.  

If you want to make a sizable impact, opt up to the 100% Green plan. For about a cent more per kilowatt hour, you get 100% renewable energy and make a local impact. Not only do you receive 100% of your electricity from renewable energy resources, but all your electricity will come from within the New England region. Your choice helps to build demand for more renewable energy on our local power grid, which helps to green our grid. 

To enroll in ElectriCITY (if not enrolled already), opt-up to 100% green, or get more information, visit the program website at or contact customer support at 1-833-926-1207. 

For more information on Worcester’s clean energy initiatives, visit our Clean Energy dashboard tile!