Mobility & Transportation

Our goal is to provide safe, convenient, and comfortable pedestrian, bicycle, and public transportation networks and transition to vehicles powered by renewable electricity.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

The Department of Transportation & Mobility

The Department of Transportation & Mobility (DTM) is a new department established in July of 2022. In partnership with other agencies and municipal departments, DTM plans, coordinates, designs and implements transportation programs and projects that promote safe, equitable, and sustainable mobility options.

The DTM works to help the City meet Green Worcester goals, including: 

  • Replacing vehicles that go out of service with electric vehicles. 
  • Installing EV charging stations in all City-owned parking areas with more than 20 parking spaces.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Publicly Accessible EV Charging Stations

The city has 30 publicly accessible EV charging stations for public use. These include: 

  • Federal Plaza Municipal Garage (6 ports) 
  • Major Taylor Municipal Garage (2 ports) 
  • Pearl-Elm Municipal Garage (6 ports) 
  • South High School (6 ports) 
  • Union Station Municipal Garage (4 ports) 
  • Worcester Common Municipal Garage (6 ports)

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

EV Charging Station Locator

Use the Station Locator to find an EV charging station near you!

To filter by your vehicle's plug type, go to for advanced filtering options. You can even plan your trip if you create an account!

Public Transportation

Worcester Regional Transit Authority

Taking public transportation instead of driving a passenger vehicle can help reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMTs) and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions. The Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA) operates public transportation routes in the Worcester region, offering bus and shuttle services to local residents for free or at a relatively low cost. Increasing public transportation ridership is an important part of the Green Worcester Plan.

Public Transportation

Mass Bay Transit Authority

The Mass Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) operates state-run trains, buses, shuttles, and ferries out of Boston. The commuter rail, which connects Boston to surrounding cities and towns, runs the Framingham/Worcester Line. Additionally, a number of MBTA buses run back and forth from Worcester to Boston. 

How You Can Help

Choose Green Transportation Options to Get Around the City Sustainably

Get active and walk or bike to your destination
Explore federal tax incentives for electric vehicles