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Earth Day blog

Earth Day 2024

Today, we’re honoring Earth Day by appreciating its history and celebrating the City of Worcester’s achievem...

Green Worcester - 04-22-2024


Lakes & Ponds Program

Do you like to swim? Fish? Kayak? Bird watch? Picnic on the beach? You can do all of this and m...

Green Worcester Team - 03-06-2024


Energy Efficiency

We’re deep into winter now which means your thermostat dials are likely turned way up - taking your energy bill co...

Green Worcester Team - 03-06-2024


Green Worcester ElectriCITY Aggregation Program: New Contract & What You Can Expect

Did you know that the City of Worcester recently negotiated down the price of most city residents’ electricity cos...

Green Worcester Team - 01-11-2024


Sustainable Resolutions

The Green Worcester team wishes you a happy and healthy New Year! To celebrate, we are sharing our top five sustainabili...

Green Worcester Team - 01-04-2024


Sustainable Holidays

The holiday season brings laughter and cheer but often brings an unfortunate side effect – tons of holiday waste. ...

Green Worcester Team - 12-13-2023


All About Electric Vehicles in Worcester

This month, we are talking EVs! Electric vehicles are one of the city’s tools to reduce Worcester's greenhouse...

Green Worcester Team - 11-02-2023


Help Worcester Build Resilience to Extreme Flooding

Part of Green Worcester’s mission is to work with community members to establish structural and institutional supp...

Green Worcester Team - 09-15-2023